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Product technical indicators

Ningbo Curtin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, located in the beautiful environment of Ningbo High-tech Zone Lingyun Industrial Park. Is committed to high-performance nano-silver wire conductive film materials research, and actively promote its large-size touch screen and other fields in a wide range of applications. Curtin since the date of its establishment, will uphold the "integrity, innovation, truth-seeking, win-win" business philosophy, in the field of conductive film to explore innovation breakthrough self, is now a research and development, production, sales and service as one Modern enterprise.

Key Indicators of Nano - silver PET Conductive Film

Key Indicators of PMMA Conductive Film for Nano - silver

High-performance nano-silver film with high permeability, low resistance, anti-scratch, anti-solvent, strong adhesion, environmental stability, flexibility and other characteristics, therefore, is a future direction

PET film